Alexin Supplier FAQ

What kind of scrap does Alexin buy?
Alexin buys a broad range of 6000 series aluminum scrap and some other grades for their respective alloying benefit:

6061 bare and painted extrusions
6063 bare and painted extrusions
6063 10/10
Irony extrusion
356 wheels
6061 wheels
6005 and 6105 extrusions
5000 and 2000 series
1000 series or EC grade

Feel free to inquire about your scrap options.

Does Alexin purchase loose scrap?
Yes. We actually prefer loose scrap so that can save you a great deal of work on your end and save the box disposal fee.

How much scrap does Alexin purchase?
Alexin purchases 19 million pounds of scrap, prime and RSI every month!

Who does Alexin purchase scrap and prime from?
Alexin is well serviced by over 250 suppliers located throughout the United States and Canada. We buy from Traders and brokers, scrap dealers, Industrial accounts and fabrication shops.

What is Alexin’s typical order size?
Our diverse supply base provides scrap and prime through single spot purchases as small as 8,000 lbs to multi month contracts as large as 12 million lbs!

Our most common purchase is for a 40,000 lb truckload quantity order.

Our supplier purchase volume ranges from 8,000-10,000 lbs per month to 4 million lbs per month!

What kind of delivery packages does Alexin take:
We purchase scrap and other aluminum supply in loose “dump” loads, baled material, long length material delivered on a flat bed, loose wheels, boxed material and single pour sow, ingot and T-Bar.

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