Alexin is an established company with ongoing opportunities for employment. Founded in 2008, we continue to grow and have never laid off employees. We have the highest starting pay rate in Wells County, offering nearly 20 percent higher pay than the average for the area. Alexin offers exceptional benefits, such as health insurance, paid time off, pay for performance and a gain share program.

Employees at Alexin receive on the job training, building their skills and making them an essential part of our team. We pride ourselves on a positive working environment, where the entire staff is on a first name basis with one another – including the owners and executives. We promote from within whenever possible to develop employees and strengthen our team.

Alexin gives back to the community because it is our home. We sponsor families in need during the holidays; we match hardship donations for our employees; we give to local non-profit organizations; our management is active in community organizations and we do all of this because we believe in integrity and responsibility as the foundation of our company.

Alexin is not a standard manufacturing facility with assembly line productions. Our modern facility, located in Bluffton, Indiana, has contemporary equipment with cutting edge technology. In order to be environmentally friendly, Alexin has melting, casting and billet processing systems that were specially designed for energy savings. We use approximately 80 percent recycled aluminum scrap. We capture 100 percent of all emissions in our melting furnace. We use zero furnace fluxing or chlorine in casting. We give back to our employees, our community and our environment.

Alexin LLC

Alexin produces the highest quality aluminum extrusion ingot in the industry and has the expertise to match our unparalleled product.

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We are a growing business with over 70 team members on staff. We provide the highest starting wage in the community with on-the-job training.

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